Working with Craig is like working with the guarantee that what you need done will get done, long before you realize you need it done. It's refreshing, in this world of lowered expectations, to work with someone who does better than expected, all of the time. I'll continue to use Craig for any project possible.

Craig opened my eyes to the world of possibilities that is Facebook Ads. He succinctly demonstrated the benefits it has to a real-world local business - from driving more sales, to building a real relationship with your local clients, and even how he has connected businesses with celebrity, bringing real credibility.

Working with Craig was great. He provided tremendous support during a very stressful time while we migrated our site to a larger server to accommodate an anticipated spike in volume from our airing on Shark Tank. He was consistently responsive, thorough, and served as our guide and advocate throughout the entire process. I highly recommend his services.

I have very high standards for professionals that I work with. I ended up building the original website for my firm out of frustration with late delivery, lack of progress, and general lack of listening from website professionals. After 7 years of the old website, I retained Craig. Working with Craig is beyond an upgrade. The responsiveness, attention, and final result are so much better, there is no comparison to other web professionals that I've engaged

I am so impressed with Craig. We were experiencing difficulties with our website, so I hired Craig to investigate the issues. He quickly came back with the diagnosis, and made the corrections. Within one week our conversion rate increased over 5% thanks to his skillset. That's a major uptick for any business! Thank you Craig!

Craig helped me revise how the page looked, created Facebook ads and recommended the best videos to post. He got this done super fast and inexpensively! Best of all, I’m not embarrassed to send people to this page anymore!

Working with Craig is both enlightening and empowering. In addition, his professional essence is robust, calm, refreshing, and most importantly his commitment to his clients is authentic, which is all too rare. Simply knowing that he also deeply desires to enhance his client's profile to succeed. I enjoyed working with Craig and look forward to working together again!

Craig has helped me with social media advice on multiple occasions. He is always super responsive and his wealth of knowledge is absolutely astounding.

We met Craig through some business associates and retained him to redo the look, feel and overall experience on our website and we could not be happier with the results. We highly recommend Craig, as he has been honest, fair, and efficient with all his work

Craig is incredibly knowledgeable. He not only set me up for success – he coached me along the way and gave me the tools I needed to drive results. I saw an immediate and sustained increase in traffic to my site as a result of Craig’s advice. A++ and look forward to continue working together in the future. Thanks, Craig!

It's been a pleasure to work with Craig for the past several weeks. He's not only efficiently fast but a professional and thorough. I'm a business owner and want to focus on growing my business. It's essential that I work with professionals such as Craig to help me with things that I don't have the time or expertise to work on - such as website development. Craig is a Wordpress master and I look forward to working with him far into the future.

Working with Craig has been excellent. He's professional, prompt and most importantly, patient- taking the time to explain what he's doing and why he's doing it so you thoroughly understand the process. I highly recommend working with him!

I love Craig! He’s a real craftsman, and his enthusiasm shines through everything he does. This was my first website. He not only built it, he educated me every step of the way and project-managed it to perfection. He responds lightning fast – his customer service is flawless. Regardless of your experience or project scope, Craig is the right choice.

The design and details of my digital communication channels were a big problem for me before I met Craig. After just a short time and a small investment with him, I’m now brimming with pride at how my company and myself are presented online. I can now create content secure that it is set up to succeed.


I hired Craig and Liz to review my LinkedIn Profile. They came highly recommended from trusted colleagues, and I needed a fresh perspective on my profile. After speaking with them, they gave me insights into didn't think about for crafting my profile and they gave me a confidence boost about what I had already done...that I wasn't expecting. Craig and Liz are down to earth and genuine people giving great advice to propel yourself and your company forward. Thank you guys, your input is making my 2017 my best year yet.

A few years ago I had my website redesigned to update it for mobile. The end result produced an "ok" site that failed to generate any business. In addition to that, the site kept getting hacked which led to installing security measures that eventually prevented even me from accessing it. Last year I attempted to have the site redone. After many attempts working with the developer I was unable to access my site. After meeting Craig, he was quickly able to help me access my site and within a matter of days I had an updated site with new, more powerful tools to connect with clients. Craig has been along every step of the way to make it easy for me and eliminating over 10 months of frustration. I encourage anyone looking at updating or fixing their site to contact Craig.


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